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Ndiep Larissa Assam

I love you so much Weezy. I love you forever.

Anya Nelson

helen was amazing. there are so many great things I can say about her. she was smart. she was kind. she was outgoing. she loved everyone she met. one thing that stuck with me about her was her smile. i never saw helen sad. she was also hilarious. probably one of the funniest people i’ve ever met. she was a dancer, so obviously she knew how to learn dances and teach them to other people. for our homecoming pep rally, we had to learn a really hard dance. she basically taught us the whole thing. after teaching us the dance, the squad tried to do the dance all the way through. helen did it, and at the end, everyone was basically saying how hard it was and helen said “i nailed that” and snapped her finger with a little pop of her hip. helens memory will never be forgotten. even though she isn’t here with us today, I will always remember her big and outright gorgeous smile she always had. I love you helen, and I can’t wait to see you again.💕 

-Anya Nelson, Class of 2022

Jayden Ojang

To my dearest cousin Helen, I am going to miss the laughs we had over the phone and your voice. Missing you terribly. keep dancing for me up there, fly High my dearest cousin…….🕊❤️‍🩹🙏🏾

Helen Bawak

To my Helen, i remember always being excited to come and visit you over in Georgia nearly every summer because it was nothing but laughs when we were all together. My favourite memories of you are playing just dance on the tv and restarting whenever anyone messed up, practicing back bends until we landed on our heads and never being able to contain our laughter. Your smile always lit up any room you entered and your personality will never be matched by anyone. Keep dancing for us up there, you will be missed by everyone🤍🕊

Gianina Chindia

To my little sister Helen , you are and always will be my superstar. All our memories will forever remain on replay in my mind and your beautiful smile lives in my heart… I’m going to miss you calling me “sisss”, I’m going to miss carrying you to bed and I’m especially going to miss seeing you dance in the kitchen . Blood couldn’t have made us closer because I carry you with me for eternity. I love you so much sweet girl , I can’t wait see you again ( maybe this time we’ll make a tik tok)❤️❤️

Rory Boone

I didn’t know Helen or anything but I’ve seen a lot of posts about her on Instagram. She’s beautiful and seemed like an amazing person. I wish I would’ve known her.

Lenora Hayes

I had worked at North Fulton Pediatric from 2006-2015. Helen would always come to me and give my a big hug. Just having that great hug from her made my day. It was something about her spirit that I had loved about her. This beautiful soul will truly be missed… Love you Helen❤️

Abby Frick

Helen was an absolute joy and light to be around. Helen was introduced to me through my sister, Piper Biscan. Helen was always making us laugh and always dancing her heart out when I saw her. She was a light for Christ. While Piper and Helen were going through Confirmation, I had the honor to talk to Helen and hear her story and today this day, I am still inspired by her. She was so strong, loving, caring, positive, intentional, and most importantly living her life for Christ at all times. There is no doubt in my mind that Helen is dancing with Our Heavenly Father. Helen will be an angel that will never be forgotten about for her kind and passionate spirit. Belinda, you are so loved and did an incredible job raising Helen. We are here for you and praying for you. Helen is watching down on you and wrapping her arms around you every minute of the day. I pray you my find strength in Jesus and find peace knowing she is with Our Heavenly Father. We love you!!! Abby F.

Alexis Ratliff

You’ve always been someone who we can all come to for advice or just a good laugh. You made a huge impact in everyone’s life and everyone that you meet. I will never forget you making sure we all screamed as loud as possible at showcase for elites hip hop and you had the biggest smile one your face while on stage. Thank you for being a role model to all of us and we love you so much. I loved the time I got to spend dancing with you and I hope to dance with you again. ❤️  Alexis R

Anna Cangelosi

Helen, Thank you for being the best friend I have ever had. You taught me so many things, and you never even knew it. You never failed to brighten everyone’s day, even if you weren’t having a good day yourself. Your smile and constant jokes will always make me happy. Whenever I am upset, I look back at all of our tik toks and videos to see you smile and laugh. Your presence made everyone’s day so much better, and I hope you know the positive impact that you had on everyone. You had so many amazing things about you. I can remember one time on a Thursday after rehearsal, you had a bio lab report due at 10, and dance ended at 9:30. As soon as we got out of rehearsal, you ran to your car to finish up your lab report and turned it in before 10. Not only were you a hard worker, but you were also selfless. You choose to go to rehearsal so we could work on our dances, even if it meant that you had to cram in finishing your report in the car after dance. You also cared so much about all of your friends. Although you made sure I was okay many times, one time in specific stands out to me. One day before dance, I was sitting in my car crying. You were the only person who checked on me to make sure I was okay. After I told you why I was upset, and that I would be okay; you immediately made a joke you knew I thought would be funny. (This time in specific it was about Kaycee’s horrible parking.) You made me and everyone feel so loved. You also showed me that you cared about me when you were always brutally honest, when you knew I needed to hear the truth. You were always the person I could go to when I needed an honest opinion, and you could give the best advice. You also influenced my personality and humor allowing me to be the person I am today. When I was younger, I was generally pretty quiet, and kept to myself. You helped me come out of my shell, and become the outgoing person that I am today. After recently talking with your school friends, I noticed that the person you are at school is the same at dance… that isn’t the case for most people. You are always authentically you, no matter who you are with. This inspires me to not change who I am to please others. Because of these things, I will live my life like you lived yours, and let you live through me. Helen, you are truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I am so thankful that you are my best friend. I don’t know what I am going to do without you. I am forever grateful for the positive impact that you had on me and others. I miss you so much, Helen, and I will continue to talk to you everyday. I hope the ring pops up there are good. I love you endlessly.

Annalisa farrar

Helen, I want you to know how loved you were by everybody who knew you. Although I wasn’t in the same group as you in Vibe, you made such an incredible impact on Footnotes as a whole. I remember when me and my team were getting ready to go on stage, you would always come over and tell us good luck and how we were gonna do so amazing. You brought so much joy and positivity wherever you went. Another memory that I have is when elite was about to go on stage for Goodies, and you came over to the other groups and told us to scream our faces off. I remember that we were screaming so loud that you couldn’t even hear the music. You made an incredible impact on everyone you met. My favorite memory with you was at the vibe end of year party last year. We were playing the game where we had to do other vibe group’s dances, and see who could go the most full out. I have a video of you doing prodigy’s dance so full out, and the whole room Is laughing their faces off. When I think back to the times I have spent with you, nothing but amazing memories come to mind. I am so so happy that you were a believer, because I know you are in a better place. Thank you Helen for impacting my life in such a special way.  Annalisa

Ansley Graves

When our friends first met Helen- she would not tell us her middle name. She was embarrassed that it was a ‘weird’ name to her. When she finally told us some time later, we thought it was beautiful. She informed us of the importance of her name, Bawak, and what it meant to her Cameroon heritage. Her middle name was never ‘weird,’ it was incredibly special to who she is, aside from the outside perspective we got of her. I’m so glad she finally told us what it was, even if she thought it was different. We loved Helen with every ounce of our hearts, and never wanted her to feel different. Another one of my favorite memories of her is her teaching us the “Soulja boy” dance. We all thought she was the coolest for knowing that dance, and even cooler for teaching all of us. Every middle school dance, when that song would come on, we would round each other up, and impress everyone with our dance skills, taught by your incredible daughter. She made us laugh like no other. The last time I got to see her was Music Midtown, and I can only say how lucky I am I got one more big ‘Helen hug.’ I simply cannot imagine the feeling of your loss at this time. I hope that you know Helen will never, ever be forgotten. We were so lucky to be some of her first friends, and that we still continued to be friends to this day. Every time we planned a SMES girls hang out, Helen was one of the first people to ask when we could see each other next, and it saddens me deeply she will not be there for them. I moved schools from St. Pius, to Dunwoody, and Helen was one of the most supportive people about it. We always texted back and forth about how the other was doing, and I will never forget her kindness. Helen touched our lives in ways like no other. Going to her dance recitals and seeing her thrive in such a beautiful way, will always be so close to my heart. Ms. Belinda, I am so sorry. We all love and care for you, and can’t wait to see Helen again one day. Thank you for bringing her light into this world.  Ansley

Ashley Crosby

Hey Helen! I miss you more and more everyday. I miss government and lunch with you. Our gov lunches were my favorite. Thank you for being so supportive of me. You were there for me without question during one of the hardest times of my life. Your checkins with me made me feel so loved. Thank you for everything. I love you. Ashley

Audrey Frank

Helen, our lives will never be the same without you. you were such a bright light and truly made everyone laugh when you were around. i wish we could relive the countless rehearsals or choreography days just so we could all be with you again. you are ever so loved and your legacy will be carried on by us❤️ Audrey

Avery Pursell

My last year in Vibe, some days Helen and I would skip ballet and just sit in her car and talk about life. I remember one time she asked me advice about her senior year and whether or not she should continue all her extracurriculars like cheer and dance or if she should maybe cut back to have more free time. I told her to make the most of her last year in high school. We would sit in the car and laugh until we had to go into dance. She was unapologetically herself and never turned her back on me when I decided to leave dance. I remember the day I quit I only reached out to some of the girls and Helen was one of them. She did not question my decision at all or make me feel bad. The only thing she asked me was if she could still come to my graduation party.  Avery P.

Avery Pursell

Helen was a kind friend to me for all the years I was in dance with her. When I was taken out of one of the small groups Helen made sure to reach out to me to ask me how I was doing. I was so upset and she just let me rant to her for hours. A lot of people did not think anything of this but to a Helen, she knew what it was like to be excluded and wanted to make sure I knew that she understood how I felt. She was a year younger than me but I now realized how much she was able to teach me even though we were not close until my last couple of years in Vibe. She was friends with every single person in our group and did not stick to just one clique. I am so happy I get to consider her a close friend.  Avery P.

Camden Nolde

To my beautiful helen and one of the most special people in my life- 
you truly are one of a kind. i can’t put into words how grateful i am that i had the opportunity to know you. you immediately made me feel so welcomed and i felt like i could confide in you about anything. your spunk and humor truly could light up any room you walked into. your confidence is something that i will never forget about you. to know you is to love you. Helly, i hope you are dancing your heart out right now. leap high for us. i cannot wait to dance with you again someday. i love u forever and always🤍 Camden

Caroline beck

I didn’t know you personally, but everything i heard about you was always positive. your smile was so pretty and so bright. Every time Anna brought up dance it was always about how you were her best friend. Thank you for always being there for her and having the brightest smile.  Caroline B.

Caroline Hamrlik

I miss you Helen so much. You were always so sweet to me and carpool has never been the same without you. I miss getting sushi with you from fresh market every thursday before dance and i miss talking in the car about our problems. you always gave me the best advice and i love you so much. you were so inspiring to me and such an amazing person. i miss all of our memories before school every single day. i miss saying hi to you in the hallways at school and on the track at cheer. you were such an amazing roll model and i love you. i hope you’re still smiling up there. love, Caroline❤️

Cassidy Chinn

Although I only knew Helen for a short while, her enormous impact on others speaks volumes. She was a beautiful and kind girl that touched so many lives.❤️ Cassidy

Christy Cox

Always a hand full (lol) and always a pleasure to be around. I have loved every moment with from the very first time she danced with me! She was an adorable “Fraggle”!!!  Mrs. Christy

Cordelia Tranfield

First day of sixth grade and you were also new. We sat together in math class because everyone else knew eachother already and being new is absolutely terrifying. Middle school was an absolute struggle (to say the least) but you always made me laugh. It was better being friends with someone who go it, was also getting used to a new school. Wamey you are the funniest person I have ever met and I also admired how you were never afraid to say what was on your mind. Ever. You were, and always will be, an amazing friend. Your laugh was the best sound and I can not rest enough how funny you were, how often I had to hold in laughs in class because of comments you made. I am eternally grateful we went to our smes dinner this summer and I got to see you. Even though we’ve grown so much since our eighth grade graduation, Marist didn’t change you. You still were hilarious, upfront, and one if the smartest people I’ve ever met. I am forever thankful I met you. I’ll miss you forever and I’ve been praying a lot more than I used to, I feel like praying let’s me speak to you as stupid as that might sound. I love you forever Wams <3. Cordelia

Ellen Claxton

Wams- I will never forget our final moment in person together: a month ago when we were getting in our cars leaving dinner u mouthed I love u through ur car window and drew a heart with your hands. Our friendship was so special, you knew how to make me feel my best no matter what mood I was in and I will forever cherish that. I have never met anyone funnier, smarter, or of course sassier, but in the best way possible. I can’t stop looking at our memories, our texts, and especially your funny messages saved on the smes groupchat (I laugh at them everyday). I love you forever & ever. Keep dancing up there.  Ellen 

Ellie Schmidt

I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone like you again. You had an energy like no other and the ability to brighten up any and every situation. I seriously don’t understand how you could tell a joke and, without fail, make every single person in the room fall over with laughter. I remember watching you dance when you were younger and being mesmerized by your smile. I still am. And I felt incredibly lucky to get to dance with you as you grew up because you were so talented. Now, I understand that I was even more lucky to know you and be your friend. You were always one of my biggest supporters, and I think everyone that knew you would agree that you were one of the most genuine people out there. You always stuck up for yourself, and as someone who has a hard time doing that for myself, I admired you deeply. It’s rare to find someone who can make a bad day a little easier by putting a smile to your face, and you sure saved me from some sad days. You always reminded me to let loose and have fun, because I got stuck in a serious funk way too often. I hope you know that you had this affect on everyone. We all love you dearly, and we will certainly never forget the joy that you brought to our lives. I’ve always struggled with expressing my emotions, and it pains me so much knowing that I definitely didn’t let you know enough how much you meant to me. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better person, cheering me up and cheering me on, and everything else that made you so special. I’ll love you for eternity, and I can’t wait to dance with you again someday. I miss you more than anything. 
Love, Ellie

Emerson Sheppard

Helen, when I met you at dance camp you were the most beautiful, amazing, funniest person ever!!! I loved spending time with you!! I am praying for your family and friends🤍🤍 we all love you so dearly!!! 🕊🕊 Emerson

Emma Friedrichs

I never knew Helen personally but I know the impact she had on peoples lives. She had such a beautiful heart full of love and joy. She shared her heart with her closest friends and made multiple impacts. The life she lived was truly beautiful and she will live on through many people. Emma F.

Emma Schwind

Helen, you’ve inspired me to smile a little brighter, speak my mind, dance like I’m the only one in the room, and be kind and confident. I’ll never forget being a cheer camp counselor with you and seeing the love and passion you had for cheer and for dance. I love you so much angel.💗💗💗 Emma S.

Erin Siegwarth

Helen, while you probably didn’t know me that well i feel like i knew you. at dance you were always laughing and making jokes and sometimes we could hear you screaming from other classes. you were such a light in this world, and it breaks my heart that your time ended so quickly. i remember one time at competition i had just finished performing my was my first solo ever and i was really nervous, and when i got off stage you gave me a big hug and told me how good i did. i’ll always hold that memory with me. you were always so kind and compassionate and friendly and you made everyone feel welcome. even though we weren’t ever close, i know the impact you’ve had on everyone around you. seeing kaycee and anna, and all of elite cry at your parking spot really hits me so hard. you were loved by so many people, and i’m truly inspired by how many people you knew and loved. i love you and miss you every day. I know you are in a better place right now, and i hope you are eating so many ring pops up there. our time on earth is such a minuscule part of our everlasting life, and i cant wait for the day that we meet again. i will forever carry your life within me, your smile, your laugh, and most of all your confidence, and while i’ll never have the same impact you had on everyone you met, i will do my best every day to live up to your legacy. footnotes will truly never be the same without you. vibe co forever <3  Erin S.

Gabby Koagel

This is what I wrote in my journal on Wednesday, September 29, 2021:

Today heaven welcome the sweetest girl to its gates. It was so unexpected. You had the most approachable smile. You were such a beautiful dancer. You deserved so much more. When Amanda left and moved to Florida I remember she told me that you would be there to watch over me. Now I feel like you are still continuing to watch over me. You always were so sweet and gave me the best hugs. The last time I hugged you was a Wednesday. Maybe two weeks ago. I was getting my conditioning things and you walked in the room and reached in to turn on the lights. I thought you were giving me a hug, so I awkwardly open my arms to hug you and you laughed and hugged me back. The last time I saw you was this Monday. It was a big little sis event. You came in late and everyone clapped. I know Footnotes will never be the same. You were such a beautiful soul. I know I won’t ever see the world the same again. I hate how it took something like this to happen for the world to appreciate everything a little more. I know that tomorrow is not a guarantee and that is scary. I can’t imagine what you were thinking. But I know now that you are safe and happy. you had so much ahead of you. I can’t comprehend what happened. It’s not real. I’m keeping your family and your friends in my prayers. Fly high Helen. Know that you are loved. Gabby

Grace Knezevich

Dear Helen,
even though the time we spent together was short i enjoyed every second. The way you made me feel when you walked in a room will never compare to anyone else. You were so inclusive and made everyone feel like they mattered. even if u we’re having a bad day you made sure not to spread it to anyone else. I’m so happy i got the pleasure of knowing u and i know you’re doing great thing up there🤍 Grace

Grant Gaffney

Life was always louder and more interesting with Helen around. I remember there was never a time where Helen wasn’t laughing or making others laugh no matter the time  Grant

Hadlee Ackerman

My most favorite thing about Helen was that she always, always looked out for me. She made me feel wanted and included. She made sure to say hi and bye in the hallways. She played with my hair at mass and made me speak and step out of my comfort zone when I was brand new. When she went to sit with other people at lunch she made sure to bring me along. I was walking with her Monday the 27th, and I went into my class mindlessly without saying goodbye, and as i walk to my desk I hear 5 seconds later from down the hall “oh! bye hadlee!!!” so I ran out and said “bye helen!” She never forgot me, never looked past me, and when she was talking to me and when I was talking to her, she made me feel important and invested in. She believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself. I love that sweet angel, and she will always inspire me to look out for people just like she did for me. She still changes my life every single day.  Hadlee 

Haley Middleton

Helen I am so lost without you, but you make me feel so safe knowing you’re an angel that can watch over me. I love you more than you’ll ever know and I wish so much to say it to your face again. You gave me years and years of friendship and team spirit that I was so incredibly lucky to receive in the first place. It still hasn’t hit me yet, but I find it hard to balance being happy about the memories we shared and being sad that we’re unable to make more. Thank you for being the kindest, most approachable, and funniest person I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful I have a piece of you in my heart. Take care of everyone up there for me❤️ Haley M.

Hannah Schurman

I didn’t know you personally but i saw you dance with my friends anna and audrey and you looked so pretty dancing. i also remember seeing you on anna’s snapchat stories a lot. you really seemed to brighten up her day and i thank you for that. thank you for being such a great friend to anna’s and audrey and i know they both miss you so much. also thank you for being such a great person and soul in this world. you will be greatly missed and loved.  Hannah S.

Harper Hughes

Helen, though I never got to meet you, you brought so much joy to my friends faces. Anna, Audrey, and Josie all miss you so much. They show your love every day and shine your light. I have seen so many pictures and videos. I always thought it was so cool that Anna had so many amazing dance friends. You all make her life complete. You have an incredible smile. I wish I could’ve met you. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven and dance alongside you. Right now we dance for you and hope to honor you in all we do.  Harper 

Isabella Coppola

Helen was always a smiling face and a funny joke in every class. I remember when she first moved up to premier, and at first I was nervous to get to know her and the younger girls as I have always known them as my little sister’s friends. Once that competition season rolled around, Helen and I were so close. Every day before dance, she and I would always be at least an hour early, which gave us a lot of time to get to know each other. I have countless memories and videos of her in that break room making me laugh til my ribs began to hurt! As the years went on, I grew to love her as a true friend. Even in college when I was apart from her, I still felt like I could reach out to her on any occasion and tell her anything, no matter the last time we talked. I wish I could give her one last update on my life, since she was always so curious about my college whereabouts. So Helen, if you’re reading this, sophomore year is no joke. It’s a lot of hard work, and a lot of stress beginning to think about my future, but it’s the year where I found all my true friends. I know you looked out for my relationships as you heard all the dramas and hardships I faced in my high school years. Thank you for always being there to listen to me and cheer me up when times were tough. I love your cuddles and jokes, and your contagious laughter, I just love you so much. Rest peacefully up there, and until we meet again, keep on loving and keep people laughing!  Isabella

Jayden Zayas

Helen, I never got to meet you personally, but you still hold a special place in my heart. From watching you and your beautiful smile shine onstage, to seeing silly pictures from my friends phones, you have always warmed people’s hearts. I’ve watched you cheer up my friends, seeing them always laughing and smiling from ear to ear around you. You took such good care of my friends, and for that you will always mean so much to me. I pray for your family and friends, and that they can still find your presence and joy in their lives everyday. I know you are smiling down from heaven, especially after seeing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from this past week. You will always be here for us, and you will never be forgotten. I love you Helen.  Jayden Z. 

Jolie Deitchman

Hey Helen, I didn’t really know you that well, however, I always looked up to you. I wish we got to know each other better. every time you smiled, I smiled back. you were a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day; and not to mention, and AMAZING dancer. you were so kind and funny, and you will always be a huge role model for me. you will be missed by many and have made a huge impact on everyone’s life. I hope you are eating ring pops and dancing your heart out up there. we will always dance for you.  Jolie D.

Jordan Siegwarth

I didn’t know Helen personally, but I did meet her a few times through Footnotes and through Anna and my sister. However, I knew how beautiful of a person she was and I knew the huge impact she had on so many people’s lives including mine. She was such a sweet person in the few times I have met her and her smile always made me smile. She was such a huge inspiration to me and to everyone because of her personality and her motivation to be the best she can. I loved watching her dance in all the showcases and competitions, she was such an amazing dancer and watching her always made me smile. I know I didn’t know Helen as well as a lot of people did, but I still love her with all my heart and I’m so glad I got to have even a little bit of her in my life. Fly high Helen, rest easy. ❤️❤️ Jordan S.

Kaia Murphy

Hey Helen,

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I miss you more than words could ever describe. Even though I have been gone for a couple months, I never felt like there was a distance between us. I loved our clear admiration toward one another: we would both send “how are you” texts to each other about once a week. I mean it when I say that you are the most confident, funny, and loving person I have ever met. I wish I told you this before it was too late, but I have always admired your unstoppable confidence. You are just so loving toward not only yourself but others which is so special. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention your humor. It was just unlike anybody else. Helen, you made me laugh on my worst days and that is a tough thing to do. I think my favorite thing about you was your love for others even if you didn’t clearly show it. Let’s be honest, to anyone who doesn’t know you, they probably thought you were intimidating. But, for those of us who have the pleasure of knowing you, we know that, on the inside, you are filled with so much genuine love and care for others. In your letter to me before I left for college, you said “I cannot imagine what life would have been like without you.” Well Helen, let me say, I simply cannot imagine what my life would have been like without you in it. You changed me for the better and I will be forever grateful.

With love,
Kaia (Mommy)

Kami Hewitt

Dear Helen, i don’t know what to say. i miss you, thats obvious, but what is really getting me is that i didn’t realize truly how our relationship was. you are my big sister. i always wanted one, especially because i am one myself. i wanted to know what it would feel like to have one, and i’m now realizing that i had that with you. you are by far the absolute funniest person i have ever met in my entire life. even when i was going through times where i felt like you were trying to get everyone to hate me, i still laughed at your jokes because you are genuinely the most funniest person to exist. no matter how many videos i have that i show to people to try and get them to understand just how funny you are, they will never actually understand. they would just have to have known you like i did. i don’t know how to explain it but our relationship was so sisterly. whether it be you getting on to me, helping me with my hair or makeup, helping me with boys, with friends, or being there when i needed someone to talk to, or our little petty arguments, or tiktoks, or making me laugh until i pee and my cheeks hurt. i truly love you. and i will continue to miss you every day for the rest of my life. with that being said, i will do everything in my life for you because i know you didn’t get to. i am finishing school and going to college for you, i’m getting married and having kids for you, i’m going through all of life’s greatest moments because you don’t get to. your life was cut way too short and i will never understand God for why He did that. i will stay faithful to Him in hopes that i will see you again in heaven, and we’ll be dying laughing again like we always did. you have no idea how much i love you and miss you. i will see you again, but for now please continue to watch over me and help me with everything life brings my way like you have been doing since we were little. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH HELLY forever and ever🤍  Kami

Katelyn Funkhiuser

Dear Helen, I miss you so so so much. Your smile and your energy always cheered me up and you lit up every single room you walked into. Your laugh was so contagious and I cant even count how many times you made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. I appreciated your help at cheer more than you know and we all agree that you’re 100% the best cheerleader Marist has ever had. You’ve always been so driven and passionate about everything and I know without a doubt you would’ve been so successful. I wish more than anything that you were still here with us, but I know I’ll see you again one day, and I cant wait for that day. I love you so much Helen.  Katelyn

Kaycee Tamel

It’s near impossible to write this message and even more impossible to keep living without you. You mean everything to me. I speak in the present tense because although your corporeal body may not be with us, your spirit always is. 
I don’t know how to articulate how thankful I am to know you, but I can start this letter with a simple truth: you are so loved. Everyone misses you. You are so special in so many ways. Every time you would walk in the studio a little late, I would get so excited because that meant I didn’t have to go through the rest of the day without you. Your presence is just so beautiful. Your importance is so far-reaching. Everything about you is perfect. I will never forget you, and similarly, I won’t forget what you did for me. 
You were the first person to reach out to me when I was unwell last year. You FaceTimed me and told me that you couldn’t stand to see me so unhealthy. That has made such a profound impact on me and my trajectory towards recovery, and I regret not telling you that. You seriously make me feel more loved than anybody else ever will. 
I fear I won’t be able to recollect clear memories as time goes on, but I will keep writing to you and keep thinking of you every second. What is more important than small moments, is the person you are. 
You are irreplaceable. 
I wanted us to graduate together, to read our senior letters together, to get our acceptances, denials, and referrals alongside one another. I wanted us to do the senior section of production. I wanted us to have our Nicki hiphop. It feels so wrong to do everything without you. 
I wish I could say this all better, but no arrangement of words could ever do you justice. You are just so much more than that. 
I promise I will do everything I can to make sure everyone knows Helen Wamey. We all will. It’s only right.
I love you so much, Helen. 
Talk to you tomorrow,
Kaycee (the youngest in vibe)

Kelsey Shipp

Helen, I want to thank you. I never met you, but I heard about you (all good things) and watched you dance. I want to say thank you for being a light in my best friends’ life. From all the videos and pictures that Anna and Audrey have shared, I can feel the love you had for them and they had for you. Your smile is beautiful and lights up the room. Angel, I hope your dancing in Heaven. Please fill the stage and dance rooms with your dance team with your beautiful soul. Fly high!  Kelsey S.

Kendall Buchanan

I will miss Wams so so much, and I can’t stop thinking about her. It made me so happy that we stayed friends even after we went to rival high schools. I will never forget our orange juice and chicken biscuits we ate every morning before we walked to school together. I’ll never forget her massages that she always gave me without me even having to ask. And her birthday party at Benihana with a sleepover after, where we ate even more snacks after we had just stuffed ourselves at a huge dinner. We listened to music and talked all night long about our deepest secrets, and we all felt comfortable to share. I’ll also never forget when me and Helen went to Get Air trampoline park and did flips into the foam pits. She also was never afraid to say exactly what was on her mind, which is something I think is an amazing quality to have. She could speak up for herself when needed, and always made sure to stick up for others as well. Wams always lit up a room, and her memory will continue to light up the lives of everyone who knew her. Love, Kendall

Laine Plunkett

Dear Helbaby, 
I’ve never met someone quite like you. You truly did have the most contagious smile. You were by definition ~the brightest of all lights~ I never thought I would meet someone with a personality bigger than mine… and I think that’s why I loved you so much. People never argue with me and you did and I remember thinking “ok this is my new favorite person.” I will always remember our first Madison class together my senior year. MY GOD you were the funniest person ever. First off… you started barking and meowing with me (and she hated it) but we sure weren’t gonna stop. Watch over the dance girls for me because I know class and rehearsal won’t be the same without you. Me, Isa and Tegs were so glad that you were the one to fill our shoes when we graduated, to make sure the personality was brought to the table. Helen it makes me so upset that you aren’t here anymore because you are just one of those people was destined to make a impact. You had already started making the world a better place. I just know you left this world making a huge mark that no one will ever forget. I keep telling myself everything happens for a reason but you leaving so soon doesn’t seem right . I just know there is a reason. I just wish I could have one more laugh with you but I know you will be watching over my shoulder (definitely as my bad influence LOL). I know that you are having a blast up there in heaven dancing, leaping and barking at everyone! If you see my grandparents feel free to say hi! I’m sure they would adore you and your beautiful smile!  Laine

Lianna Homrich

There’s actually a bit of a backstory to that Confirmation photo in which Helen looks amazing, 10/10, a literal model.

We were waiting on the steps to take our pic with the priest, but he was late, so we were just waiting around. To pass time, everyone was making small talk. Helen, of course, was the center of attention and making everyone laugh by making hypothetical scenarios of why the priest was so late.  Lianna

Lindsay Feinstein

Hi Helen, I did not know you personally but I remember seeing you dance in multiple showcases of the Footnotes showcases. I always thought of how beautifully you danced and how your bright smile lit up the stage. I wish I would have known you. Fly high Helen <3 Lindsay F.

Mackenzie Madison

My sweet Helen,

i don’t know exactly where to begin with this one because i know you won’t be here to read it with me. i am lost knowing that i won’t see your smile again or hear you crack another joke in ballet. however, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be remembered – your beautiful smile and joyful spirit will stick with me forever. you have been my rock since 1st grade, helen, and i can’t thank you enough for all the things you taught me during our time together. you taught me to have high standards; you were so strong-willed. you taught me my own worth. you perfectly exemplified joy and what it means to be a good friend. you were the light of my day after having a rough morning at school. you taught me to be honest in my emotions; you were the most passionate girl i know. i try not to sugarcoat my words because i know you never did. i try to think with others in mind before myself because i know your heart was always giving. you are my best friend, and to know you is to feel loved. i hope you know that i love you just the same. you will never be forgotten, angel, and i wish that i could see your smile one more time. i love you bunches helen.

kenz <3

Madison Benson

Helen, where do I begin. I will never forget hearing your whistle tones and dog barking sounds in my class for the first time. What an experience that was. The sounds truly still stick in my head crystal clear lol. I miss you smothering me with your big hug that you refused to let go of and beautiful smile every time you walked through the door on Wednesdays and asked “if I missed you” (even though I had just seen you the day before ha)! Helen knew I wasn’t a big on hugs but it always got me to laugh/smile. It was our tradition I guess you could say. I will cherish that forever. Another favorite class memory is her strutting in with her signature blue ring pop on her finger trying to finish it while doing warm up, only her ha. Helen inspired me not only as a dancer but as a young women. Helen had me constantly questioning how anyone could have that beautiful of a leap but I will spend the rest of my life trying to get on that level. Over the last year I was inspired by her courage to stand up and speak out in regards to social injustices. She was a leader. She was an inspiration. There are no words to truly express the love I have for you Helen and also you Belinda. Belinda I’m forever grateful for you allowing me into Helens life, a blessing that I will thank God for every single day. I love you both very much.  Madison Benson

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