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In Memory of Helen’s young but Impactful Life

Helen Bawak Wamey, a 17yr old student at Marist School in Atlanta, died unexpectedly on September 29, 2021 after a very brief illness.
Helen was an Honors student, with almost perfect SAT scores, who although lived a very brief life, left an indelible impact in her community and all those around. Even at a young age, Helen naturally created community wherever she went, bringing together people of all ages, cultures and interests.  Helen was an advocate for other students and youth who were being bullied, an accomplished FootNotes acrobatic dancer, passionate cheerleader and an emerging leader in her community.  Helen was very dedicated to her faith and served as an altar servant in her church. 
The news of Helen’s death has been devastating on Helen’s entire community at school, church, dance and her broader Cameroonian and American community due to the impact she made in each life she met. Helen was a daughter of the community and a friend to many.
All donations will go towards funeral related expenses and to continue Helen’s legacy. 
Please consider donating if you are able to.  Helen’s family and friends are very grateful for every donation during this difficult time.


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Helen shared so much love with us, we’d love you to share your stories about her life and the impact she made.

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