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Dedication, passion and commitment

Her dedication, passion and commitment to the art of dance was impressive and beautiful to watch.

Amongst other accomplishments, Bawak was the first place soloist for the Intermediate Teen Division and an honor student. She was a great team player and won multiple platinum awards in her group dances.

Bawak was dearly loved by her family and friends. She is succeeded by her Mummy, Daddy, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunties, dance sisters/moms and, darling friends.

In her family, Bawak was known for wanting to spend quality time with her family. In spite of her busy school and recreational schedules, she would binge watch Grey’s anatomy at night, make up dance routines with her cousins, eat Mellow Mushroom pizza or frozen yogurt with her cousins, travel around the country for dance competitions while maintaining her position on the honor roll.

Here is an excerpt from an interview she did in 2020

Feeling different and singled-out is nothing new for 16-year old Helen Wamey. When she was the only Black student in her grade after switching from a public elementary school to a private middle school, “It was a culture shock,” she remembers. “In middle school, you’re a kid, you’re trying to figure out who you are, but you want to fit in and look like everyone else.

Helen finds she can let go and be most herself when she is with her family. “My mom is so strong,” she says emphatically. Helen relies on her cousins, aunts, and uncles, almost all of whom lived with her at one point when they arrived in the United States. “I think I’m closer to my cousins than the average person. We are all super close. Maybe it’s a Cameroon thing, I don’t know,” she smiles. “In my family, in our culture, these bonds will never be broken.

If I could change one thing in our society, I would make everyone just get along with one another, be a little kinder, and have a little empathy,” she shares. “As for myself, I’m learning to become more confident in my skin and embrace who I am as a black woman, and I want to be an example for younger girls.

Helen’s mother was a huge asset to the class and school. She has been a part of the PTA for 6 years which the entire time Helen was enrolled


  • Class Ambassador
  • Student safety Patrol
  • Semi Finalist for Oratorical speech contest Talented and Gifted Student
  • Science Olympian participant
  • School spelling bee winner in both fourth and fifth grade
  • Black History quiz bowl winner 4th and 5th grade

Extra Curricular Activities

Girl scout (Bronze Award)
Track and Field

Altar server(2-3) Sundays a month –
Dance. (Ballet, Jazz, Afro, Tap, Hip-hop, Musical Theater)
Footnotes company competition team (winning 6 platinum awards, and 3 gold awards).

Words don’t suffice to say how loved and cherished Bawak was to her family and friends. She took her last breath on September 29th 2021 after a sudden illness.

May we all find Bawak Helen Wamey’s life story as the inspiration it is to leave each other and a better place than we found it.

We love you so much Bawak.
Forever and always.

Helen shared so much love with us, we’d love you to share your stories about her life and the impact she made.

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