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Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North/Alpharetta
October 21, 2021 through October 25, 2021.

Helen Bawak Wamey

How do we articulate the loss of an incredibly beautiful soul? An exceptional daughter, loving sister/cousin, niece, friend and granddaughter?

Miss Helen Bawak-Manyi Wamey was born at Northside Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia on January 12th 2004. Best described in her Mummy’s words, Bawak was the girl who pirouetted down the aisles of grocery stores and danced her way through her own life.

Although Bawak was an only child, she had such close bonds with her cousins, uncles, aunties and family that in actuality, she had numerous sisters, brothers, uncles and aunties (too numerous to count!).

Bawak was a hard worker and set very high expectations for herself. She accomplished every goal, big and small, that she ever set out to achieve in life. She deserved the absolute best that life had to offer and her Mom made sure to go above and beyond for her.

Here are excerpts from her teachers over the years:

Helen takes pride in being a critical thinker and independent learner. She is also consistently engaged in group discussion and class participation activities. She is my “out of the box” thinker. She is a delight to hear during class discussions.

She persists on assignments despite challenges and obstacles, and takes visible delight in accomplishing work. She desires learning and sets high expectations for her own learning. In writing, I can share that Helen approaches writing with a clear purpose in mind and knows how to transfer all her great ideas on to paper. Excellent writer.

In Math, she exemplifies higher level thinking for enduring understanding. She has the ability to analyze Math problems and solve them on a complex level. She has advanced understanding of the subject matter and the ability to apply knowledge when problem-solving. She is also capable of applying what is learned in multiple complex ways.

Helen is highly active in the school. She participates in many school-wide events. She has done oratorical, student-council, spelling bee (winner 4th & 5th grade), dance team, Black History (grade level winner), Reflections (1st place winner for dance category)

Helen shared so much love with us, we’d love you to share your stories about her life and the impact she made.

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